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ABCE Language School was founded in 1995 by Mr.Chaouni. Since then, the school provides programmes to study French and English languages. The provider is Canadian-owned and registered by the Federal Government. There are values at ABCE:

  • Advocating Diversity
  • Belief in dignity for all learners
  • Conscientiousness is the bedrock of their practice
  • Establishment of a grassroots culture in education that inspires learners to evolve

Today, numerous innovative teachers offer world-class training and essential methods. The staff cares about student’s progress. The priority of the school is to help students in language acquisition and proficiency. All students lead ABCE to growth and prosperity.

ABCE offers programmes for individuals and groups. The school provides insightful courses for students and enhances their proficiency, critical thinking, and cultural awareness. Students can choose the best option for the learning process online or in-person. The school has developed a vibrant and creative learning environment to inspire a student to reach their objectives.

The school delivers year-round full-time and part-time immersion courses for international students. There are programmes designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Students can improve a range of skills, such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, and critical analysis.

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