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College of Aeronautics is a flight school registered by the Ministry of Transport Canada and recognized by the Ministère de L’Éducation Supérieur as a degree-granting postsecondary institution. The school has been operating since 1964 and has produced a significant number of the finest airline specialists. Today, graduates work in reputable companies as Bombardier, American Airlines, Air France, Air Canada, British Airways, and Middle East Airlines. The school's mission statement is offering students the best flight training available in the industry with passion and striving to set the standards of excellence. Students have different funding options, including loans from Aide Financiere aux Etudes (through the Quebec Ministry of Education).

College of Aeronautics locates in Montreal and offers special flight training, including multiple flight training and pilot training programmes. College of Aeronautics delivers courses as for a professional career as for an exciting hobby. After completing programmes, graduates receive an ATPL license issued by Transport Canada. There are two simulators for students to practice real-world experience. Also, the school provides cutting-edge amenities and services for high-quality education. All programmes are designed in a full-time format. The professional staff is passionate flight instructors who dedicate their vast experience to successful teaching.

College's fleet is reliable and diversified, ready for world-class experience: Piper Seneca PA-34-200, Cessna 172. The college offers ground training, pre-flight briefing, and post-flight debriefing in two main hangers at Mirabel airport. One hanger encompasses three separate classrooms for office used and ground training, while the other one is used to inspect the fleet by maintenance staff. The college adheres to Canadian civil aviation regulations, including Safety, Excellence, and Constant Improvement in Aviation.

Studying at the College of Aeronautics has many advantages for international students, such as: perfect and various weather conditions in Canada that ideal for learning to fly; Canadian Pilot License are validated as ICAO Pilot Licenses worldwide; very affordable price to live and study (30%-40% lower than most western countries); the location is in Montreal with an aeronautic community; professional staff and world-class facilities. After completing the Commercial flight training (CPL-IR), students can apply for a work permit (PGWP) according to the Immigration and Citizenship regulations from the Government of Canada, leading them to apply for residency.

Flight Training Programmes

  • Recreational Pilot Permit
  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Airline Transport Pilot License
  • Aircraft Mechanics
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