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The Academy of Diving is a tertiary provider of a full range of National and International Certificates in scuba diving at levels 3-6 (Foundation, Leadership, Instruction), delivered within operating network of dive businesses, offering students opportunities to apply their learning in a dynamic, real-world environment.

In addition, the Academy offers National Certificate in Retail (level 3), Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching - Medic First-Aid Instructor (Level 4), and a Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction (Level 5).

Certificates in scuba diving

The certification programmes of scuba diving are designed as a pathway for a non-diver – progressing safely from scuba diving, advanced scuba diving, specialties such as night diving, wreck diving, boat diving and search and recovery. The programme is developed for the dive industry, by the Industry Training Organization (Skills Active Aotearoa). 

The studying method combines team-learning and academic learning, with a lot of practical participation and discussions. The students are well supported through their studies and receive high-quality training from certified experienced instructors.

Enrolment conditions for scuba diving programmes

To enrol the National Certificates in Diving, there is no need for previous diving experience. Students must pass diving medical clearance prior to course commencement and might be required to bring some personal equipment.

Career path

Graduates of the Academy of Diving will have a high degree of scuba diving skills and emerge a qualified and confident diver. They can progress to Divemaster and complete an Instructor qualification, to choose to continue their tertiary studies or to utilise their gained skills to work within the dive and outdoor recreation industry. Also, depending on the certification that the students graduated, they will receive the international rating of a Rescue Diver.   

The Academy of Diving enables students to study full-time or part-time. By gaining relevant certifications, students can start their career paths and make new friends from the industry. The skills and knowledge that you will gain during the programmes are exactly what employers within the industry are looking for.

Additional certifications programmes

The National Certification in Retail (level 3), is an intermediate level qualification for working in the retail industry. The programme provides skills and knowledge related to products, customers, staff, communication, and administration within the retail environment.

As for the National Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching - Medic First-Aid Instructor (Level 4), the programme provides first-aid instruction and certification, delivered by activity-based learning, such as medic first-aid instruction in a workplace courses, medic first-aid advanced courses, and medic first-aid in outdoor and wilderness courses. Unit standards in Adult Education and Training in a first-aid context are also offered.

The Academy, in collaboration with the Emergency Medical Planning (NZ) Ltd, is the major New Zealand tertiary provider for HSI (Health & Safety Institute) USA, which is one of the largest first-aid trainers in the world. Also, The Academy and Emergency Medical Planning (NZ) Ltd are members of AECTP – Association of Emergency Care Training Providers.

Students who are interested in a Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction (level 5), a high-demanded programme for those who want to launch a professional career in the diving industry -  the academy, with their extensive experience in diver education, are the experts for it. This programme will take you from your current diving level through to advanced instructional and specialty instructional levels, graduating as an Advanced Scuba Dive Instructor with five specialty ratings.

The Diploma programme is based on adventure outdoor activities, which provide the essential skills for a dive instructor – teamwork, leadership, and confidence-building. The class numbers are limited, and individual attention is ensured. When you graduate, you will be immediately internationally registered and able to apply your knowledge and skills within the industry.

Enrolment conditions for Diploma programmes

To enrol the Diploma level qualifications, you will need to have a recognized entry-level diving certification prior to course commencement and obtain a diving medical clearance.

Support services and campuses

To help you choose the right qualification, the Academy has a nationwide network of education sites, in which you can receive a tailored analysis of your needs and help with the enrolment process. The Academy has campuses in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Christchurch and others. 

The Academy of Diving is accredited and registered as a Private Training Establishment by the NZQA, pursuant to the Education Amendment Act 1990. It is also accredited to provide education and training and undertake an assessment of unit standards on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) in a range of subject areas.

All dive training sites are work safe, registered as New Zealand Adventure Activity Operators, under the Adventure Activity Regulations 2011.

Academy of Diving is a member of the PADI Retail and Resort Associations.

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