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Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC) was founded as a franchise system in 1987. Today, the College offers more than 30 diploma and certificate programmes in areas of Accounting, Business, Community Support Worker, Customer Service, Healthcare, Home Inspection, Hospitality, Information Technology, Insurance, Legal, Office Administration Web Design. All programmes are consistently upgraded according to the latest changes in the marketplace. AOLCC is located in 50+ locations around Canada.

The mission statement is “to make our customers happy.” AOLCC strives to improve students’ lives and communities. Providing a flexible, supportive environment, the College encourages students to achieve their goals.

Academy of Learning Career College has a unique e-learning system Integrated Learning System (ILS) in Canada. This system allows students to study at their own pace and learn through online presentations, tutorials, media, instructional materials, simulated labs, exercises, quizzes, review questions, and pre or post-tests. ILS is a self-directed and multisensory learning platform. Students receive a choice to outcome the desired programme of million training courses on this platform only at Academy. Despite where students live, they can learn and participate in a virtual class or session with instructors every day. The provider commits to improving students' skills, knowledge, and hands-on practice to help them in the future career pathway. Students do not miss a class or have intimidating environments or competitions because they can study with exclusive ISL. All students have a flexible and affordable online learning process.

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