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AET Paramediс Academy has been training Primary Care Paramedics since 2007. The Registrar approves the Primary Care Program (PCP) of the Private Training Institutions Branch. AET Paramedic Academy completes many requirements to be approved annually.

The provider was the first private training school to provide paramedic training in British Columbia. AET’s Primary Care Paramedic programme was designed from the street up. Also, the creation of this programme took into account paramedic preceptors’ experiences and opinions. AET offers the latest and modern medical training to improve students’ skills and uniqueness. The provider strives to provide excellent inpatient care. AET’s focus is on the students and their education. For these reasons, AET adapts programmes and teaching to develop the most successful learning environment for students. As a result, the provider has a well-prepared training system, including skills and learning sequence that would offer students the best opportunity in the future paramedic’ career. Students have class sessions to get the core knowledge and skillsets. Academic staff provides real-world examples to practice new skills. After completing a new PCP paramedic skill set, students continue learning in the clinical setting to practice new skills under a senior health care supervisor. Finally, students have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills on board BC Ambulance in real situations. Throughout the training, there is a point system for assessing students’ developing skills at the right place for the programme. At the end of AET’s programme, students are issued a paramedic certification.

By offering paramedicine training throughout British Columbia, AET has a vast network with diverse partnerships and public colleges. Nowadays, over 800 AER graduates are successfully working across Canada.

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