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Alpha College is located in Scarborough, Ontario. In 2008, Alpha College formed a partnership with St. Lawrence College, and now it allows to educate international students. The College strives to foster a valuable learning experience to prepare students for successful careers in the future. In addition, Alpha College focuses on promoting a metropolitan experience for international students. Thus, students have an opportunity to live and study in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

College’s curriculum is designed to meet the challenges unique to international students and exceed academic expectations through a combination of in-class and hands-on training. All programmes allow students to receive high-quality and outward-looking education. The learning environment is student-friendly and welcoming foreigner. All students will be awarded a Diploma from a well-recognized institution in Ontario upon completion of programmes.  Also, students will be eligible for up to a three-year post-graduation work permit. There are incredible work opportunities in Toronto and the multicultural community. The College is adjacent to many easy accesses to public transportation, restaurants, and banking. Affordable tuition fees and convenient payment options are available to international students.

The College values such priorities as integrity, quality, diversity, respect, teamwork, and innovation.

Employment services are available and allow students to see it advertise full-time, part-time, summer, and contract positions. Career Centre is willing to help with preparing a resume and covering letter. In addition, workshops are provided to help students develop skills, learn how to write documents better, and effectively search for a job position in the labour market.

College facilities include a student lounge, tutoring services, access to microwave and refrigerator, and computer lab. Also, the campus is a safe place that is monitored 24 hours a day and controlled by a security patrol.

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