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Alphacrucis, previously named Advance Ministry Training Centre (AMTC), was established in 1986 by several pastors in Auckland, to serve as a training school for the assemblies of God. The main goal of the college is to equip people to realize the call to Christian ministry. For Christians who do not have a call to qualify as a pastor, the college equips with relevant Christian skills and worldview, to enable them to fulfil any role or sector of the community.

In 2006 the college engaged in a partnership with the Southern Cross College (Sydney), to enable higher education programmes at the graduate and post-graduate levels, in a range of qualifications.


Alphacrucis’s mission is to provide Christian leaders with the relevant skills to change the world. The college values and commitments are focused on Jesus Christ’s teachings and examples, striving for excellence, innovation and continues improvement, and commitment to the highest levels of integrity.

Bachelor of Contemporary Ministry (level 6) – A programmes which combine career training with spiritual development, to prepare the students for Christian vocation. The programme is designed to meet the characteristics of the Church in the 21st Century – Social justice promoted, global community-related, and encouraged to find new ways to worship God and engage with youths.

Diploma in Biblical Studies (level 6) – For students who are not interested in studying for a bachelor degree, or for these who are currently in a senior leadership position in their church and want to extend their knowledge, the Diploma programme in Biblical Studies will upskill their biblical knowledge and understanding.

Diploma in Chaplaincy (level 5) – A fundamental level programme of 3-4 days duration, with an option to study remotely or on the campus. The programme delivers basic knowledge of Christian Studies, designed for these who intend to minister as chaplains in the community. With this programme, the students can complete a NZ Diploma in Christian Studies (level 5), with a strand in Chaplaincy.  

Diploma in Christian Leadership (level 5) – A fundamental level programme with an option to study remotely or on the campus. The programme delivers basic knowledge of Christian Studies, designed for these who intend for a Christian ministry and leadership roles within church communities, not-for-profit sectors, and various community vocations. 

Diploma in Theological Studies (level 5) – A programme to engage in theological and ministry education, in a Pentecostal-Charismatic expression of faith. The programme deals with questions of our faith, belief – why we believe, how we believe, and how it shapes our life, and what is our goal in the world.   

Certificate in Christian Ministries (level 4) – The programme includes an overview of the Christian worldview, the Bible, discipleship, ministry, and theology within a Pentecostal ethos. The certificate is tailored for the local church’s students, to encourage them to study and to do their internships in their ‘home’ churches, to gain a Local Church Certificate (LCC).  

ESOL Certificates – The course is designed for students from different nationalities, who wish to improve their English level in speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Support services

Alphacrucis is committed to the success of their students and willing to help them in various ways. The support services at Alphacrucis include library assistance, tutorials, study spaces with IT support, and one-on-one discussions with the faculty tutors. The college dean is also available for the students to discuss any issues.

The library is available for students and staff and providing a wide range of information resources and books, and offering study areas and access to online journals.

Campus life

Alphacrucis is a friendly international college, with a young and vibrant atmosphere. The staff is committed to training, raising and delivering a generation of the future leaders of the world.

Students are encouraged to draw near God and live a life worthy of the Gospel. The college hosts a weekly chapel for all students and staff, including guests from many churches. 

The diversity of nationalities creates a fun and vivacious place to study, experiencing new cultures and learning about the global perspective. The teachers and the support staff are well qualified and willing to assist with any inquiry.

The college is arranging periodic events, tours and trips, to boost your social life, meet new friends and build relationships.  

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