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Apple Study Group (ASG) offers quality English language tuition and accommodation in Sydney. The provider focuses on engaging overseas students to be a part of the local community and culture. All programmes are designed to improve student’s English skills whereas living in Australia. Upon completion, students will have the opportunity to continue education in Australian institutions. Apple Study Group is part of a group including several other Vocational providers where you will be able to choose for a wide range of courses and at different Australian locations. In addition, ASG provides an extensive student support network, including accommodation, counseling, assisting with legal and immigration requests, and personal advice.

ASG has the new and improved English Language programme CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference). All students receive the necessary skills to improve their language in a convenient and accessible format. Programmes run through stating information precisely. Part of the programme is online, including assessments, revision, and practice. Students study with the same level students. Every five weeks, students have the opportunity to move up to the next level by passing an online test. Additionally, students practice their skills out of campus once every five weeks (ESL in Action). Every five weeks, students have the opportunity to explore beautiful Sydney by having trips, BBQ, and coastal walks.

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