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Atlantic Business College (ABC) was founded in 1977. Situated in Fredericton, NB Canada, the college has been offering one-year Diploma programme in various subjects for over 43 years. Students come to Atlantic Business College from all walks of life and with diverse educational and professional backgrounds.

ABC provides a broad range of programmes, such as Administrative, Business, Early Childhood, Educational Assistant, and Policing and Security Foundations programmes. They also deliver over 1000 hours of programme time in one-year programmes and over 500 hours in Office Assistant Programme. So, with over a dozen diploma programmes to choose from, students have the opportunity to find the right fit for themselves and train in a field that will lead them to successful employment. Within each full-time programme, the college has on-the-job training components that provide the student with the opportunity to test the skills and knowledge they have learned at Atlantic Business College. Students are matched with potential employers based on several factors, including skill level in critical areas, attitude, interpersonal skills, and initiative skills. As a result, graduates’ work placement can lead to continuing employment in the desired field.

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