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Atlantic College of Applied Health Sciences (ACAHS) is registered under the Private Occupational Training Act (POTA) in providing post-secondary education and training. The provider focuses on quality education to help learners meet their short and long term objectives. The college offers a range of programmes in health areas throughout a digital campus that is accessible and responsive. In addition, students can study from their own homes at an individual pace.

The college's vision is to provide educated, skilled, and accountable graduates for delivering quality healthcare support. At ACAHS, graduates will be prepared to contribute to the well-being of communities.

The college provides a curriculum that contains and exceeds the core competencies from all provinces except Quebec. Graduates can build their careers in fields as home care, long-term care, clinics, and hospitals. All programmes are designed to provide theory and practicum thresholds. Extensive learning recourses and materials are available online for students. In addition, students can choose a better type of lab experience in person or via vSim. The staff is a dedicated team of highly experienced nurses with a vast teaching experience in Canada. All instructors are available via unique apps, such as chat, Big Blue Batton, or Skype. Courses run throughout flexible start dates.


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