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Crown Institute of Studies is an Auckland-based provider with a family atmosphere. The PTE has four subject departments: Crown English, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, and Business Studies. There are great resources and many course options for both English and professional programmes. The school offers an interesting offer: students can transfer their English fees to any other Crown course. The students gain useful skills that are valued in the workplace. Crown supports some students to employment pathways through, for example, the Work and Study programme. Teachers are experienced, qualified and have the industry knowledge and broad teaching readiness.

Crown Institute of Studies is one of the oldest private tertiary education providers in Auckland. Their mission is to provide high-level education services to all the students.
Crown Institute of Studies helps international students to learn English and adapt to New Zealand culture as well as work with domestic students who need vocational training that leads to future employment. They guide, support and motivate everyone on their journey to better education.

The team also provides comprehensive pastoral care and personalised support to all the students.
Once you start with Crown Institute of Studies, you will find that this is your “home away from home”. You will always find assistance and attention needed from the dedicated and caring student services team. They are here to support you through thick and thin.

Crown Institute of Studies understand that everyone is unique in their own way, that is why they are here to listen and provide you with support as you need it.
They provide quality and innovative education. At Crown, quality and innovative education services are provided by offering industry-specific educational activities that are also fun and exciting for the students.
If you are studying hospitality, travel or tourism, then the courses will provide you with a comprehensive overview of New Zealand destinations. You also will have a chance to think big and have a global perspective. Starting from 2020 Crown Institute of Studies will offer international scholarship educational trips that are partly or fully funded. The first available destination is in Asia, where students will get to visit top-class hotels and tourist sightseeings and attractions.

For the students on the business course, there is a support and seed fund (up to NZ$20,000) provided by Crown Small Business Entrepreneur Scheme that may help them to become business owners.
Crown Institute of Studies do not just say goodbye to the students and wish them all the best when they finish the studies. Throughout the studies, they arrange meetings, networking events, internships, part-time employment and seminars to make sure that students are well connected within the industry. In addition, they also provide CV (resume) writing workshops and job interview practices to make sure the students are work-ready when graduate.


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