New Zealand International Commercial Pilot Academy



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The New Zealand International Commercial Pilot Academy (NZICPA) provides training for students who want to become professional and recreational pilots. The academy delivers a range of pilot training and aviation-related academic qualification options to students from both New Zealand and overseas. NZICPA is a provincially-based Pilot Academy with significant experience in training pilots at a range of levels: from private to commercial through to flight instructors, multi-engine pilots with full instrument ratings, to pilots preparing for careers with the airlines. The courses and programmes are New Zealand Government approved, well designed and proven, and provided to students with the opportunity to not only build hours but also be well supported in achieving the qualifications they seek. All programmes are delivered with a combination of methods, including classroom-based – covering theory aspects, self-directed study and learning. workshop based practical sessions, practical flying alongside an appropriately qualified, experienced and knowledgeable staff and simulator training.

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