New Zealand Skydiving School



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Total: 40

International: 20%


Undergraduate: 1

Postgraduate: N/A

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The New Zealand Skydiving School is based at Skydive Auckland, a successful skydiving business and NZ’s largest sport skydiving dropzone. The central purpose of the school is to produce graduates with the entry-level capability required to work and progress in the skydiving industry. Nearly all students, completed the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving, work in the industry three months after graduation. Most graduates stay employed and the majority progress to more advanced roles over time. Industry operators say the graduates have the knowledge, skills and attributes they require. The school has mostly highly effective processes that support this excellent educational performance. The school actively engages with and contributes to the local and international skydiving industry, thereby staying current with industry requirements. Most significantly, the school shares the airport premises with their co-owned commercial skydiving business. The students are mentored and progressively participate in business activities. They are placed with business operators, typically gaining employment with these operators. Experienced instructors take students step by step through the world of commercial skydiving, teaching them everything they need to know to make a successful career out of amazing adventure activity.

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