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Open Polytechnic specialises in open distance learning. Learning and assessment materials are being increasingly delivered online, but some are still in the hard-copy format sent by post or courier. Open Polytechnic has a wide scope of the accreditation covering agriculture, business, community and social services, computing and IT, core generic, education, engineering and technology, health, humanities, law and security, planning and construction, sciences, and service sector. It offers a wide range of programmes leading to qualifications at levels 1-7. Distance learning particularly suits learners who are employed and those who have busy personal lives. Open distance learning expands opportunities for education and training for students and industry by providing flexibility in time and place of study. Open distance teaching and learning are different from a face-to-face environment. It is critical that the learning materials and assessments are of the highest quality. To ensure this, Open Polytechnic has created the Education Solutions team which is responsible for the development of distance and online learning resources.

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