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Feb 4, 2020


Diploma in Digital Marketing

This program is a disaster, I had 3 teachers in 1 year with no teaching experience. One of them (M.A. ) was not treating students with respect, pointing us with red laser light all the time, not listening to our complaints, ignoring us completely. He is a bully. CEO knows about the situation and this person still works in the school, unfortunately. Also, the facilities are very dirty: the toilets are disgusting, classrooms are not proper vacummed and disinfected. Do not waste your time and money on this school, big scammers!!!! NZQA should be closing down this place as there have been many complaints from 2006 to nowadays. In 2018 there...

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The only pro was the teacher A. S. was great in terms of SEO and Google Analytics


Teacher M.A. unexperienced and bully with international students. CEO B.M left the school unable to solve the problems and now they have another person as CEO who was CEO years ago unable to face the same issues. Please avoid spending money in this school, they are bug scammers!!!