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In 1878 the University of Montreal was founded to offer higher education. Over 135 years, the University has educated many notable alumni, among them Hubert Reeves (physics, 1953), Kim Thuy (translation, 1990, law, 1993), Isabelle Huot (nutrition, 2003), Pierre Elliott Trudeau (law, 1943), Roger Guillemin (medicine, 1953). The University of Montreal's reputation is high among the world's leading universities: 1st in Quebec, 4th in Canada, and 73rd in the world (The Times Higher Education rankings, 2021). Situated in Montreal, Canada, the University is the most attractive place to study. There is a festive, symphonic, creative, technological, and active atmosphere at the University. 
The University of Montreal offers a wide range of graduate and postdoctoral programmes. The academic structure comprises different faculties and schools:
-    Arts & Science;
-    Dentistry;
-    Education;
-    Environmental Design;
-    Kinesiology;
-    Law;
-    Medicine;
-    Music;
-    Optometry;
-    Nursing;
-    School of Public Health;
-    Pharmacy;
-    Veterinary Medicine;
-    Continuing Education;
-    Polytechnique Montreal;
-    HEC Montreal.
Research at the University is an extensive field, including world-class centres and institutes by operating outstanding researchers:
-    Institute for Data Valorisation;
-    Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer;
-    International Centre for Comparative Criminology. 
The University of Montreal encompasses many campuses and sites with contemporary facilities and student services: 
-    Montreal Campus;
-    Laval Campus;
-    Saint-Hyacinthe Campus;
-    Mauricie;
-    Longueuil Campus;
-    The MIL Campus;
-    Lanaudiere Campus;
-    Bureau de l'enseignement regional. 

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