Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design



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Total: 500

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Undergraduate: 11

Postgraduate: 3

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Whitecliffe specialises in providing quality tertiary education within the arts and design fields, with the aim of creating ‘graduates who are independently minded and able to practise their art and design related professions within the wider society’, as employed and self-employed artists and designers within the creative arts sectors. Whitecliffe is one of a very small number of PTEs that offer postgraduate programmes. Whitecliffe offers programmes leading to level 4 certificates in arts and design and digital media and design; the Bachelor of Fine Arts through four subject pathways – fine arts, fashion design, graphic design and photo media; and postgraduate programmes in fine arts, arts management and arts therapy. Purpose-designed premises in Auckland provide up-to-date physical spaces including custom-made studios with additional digital suites, specialist photography darkrooms and individual fine arts studios. Whitecliffe owns and manages the Pearce Gallery as exhibition space for students, graduates and invited guest artists.

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