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Yoobee Colleges was born in May 2019 out of the combined forces of Yoobee School of Design, Animation College, AMES – The Institute of IT and South Seas Film & Television School. The rich educational heritage of these institutes is the main pillar of Yoobee Colleges. Their 30-year history and the incredible alumni now working around the globe are what the organization is proud of.

The colleges have been working together for several years to help students by creating complementary pathway programmes. The official joining of these brands under one umbrella of Yoobee Colleges strengthened these relationships. Greater pathway options for students and stronger educational outcomes were established, as some of the best creative teachers in the country came together for the joint purpose of training the New Zealand’s top creatives and IT specialists and getting them into future careers.

Animation College

The rich history of Yoobee Colleges is dating back to 1989. The design studio owner Barry Pearce and Disney animator John Ewing started training animators in New Zealand out of their studio, later to become Animation College New Zealand.

Some of the world's best and most famous animators and VFX artists were trained in Animation College.

Yoobee School of Design

For the past 20 years, Yoobee School of Design armed creative students with the technical knowledge and practical skills to turn their brilliant ideas into successful careers. Yoobee School of Design has operated as New Zealand’s largest specialised digital design school with campuses in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. 

South Seas Film & Television School

Founded back in 1991 from film production studio facilities on Auckland's North Shore. The studio belonged to Gerben Cath. Using his South Seas Film & Television School he has fuelled the television and film industry for 27 years.

The school has produced a mass of creatives in art and design, post-production, script-writing, directing, animation and VFX, photography and acting.

AMES – The Institute of IT

AMES – The Institute of IT has long been the industry's first choice educational training institution for potential software and hardware engineers.

They offer specialisations in web and software development, hardware engineering and cloud technologies. The teaching staff contributes a depth of knowledge and rich history to Yoobee Colleges offerings.

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